Refund Policy

Unreach (PAPERPAGE) refund policy:

Please note that this is the part and parcel of “Terms & Conditions” and “Privacy Policy”. You have to read this refund policy along with our aforesaid “Terms & Conditions” and “Privacy Policy”.

Product means “Advertising”. There is no product directly saleable in our website by us except “Advertising”. We may perhaps provide refund for your purchase on our product “Advertising” depends upon the following policies:

  • If your purchase was/is accidentally made not by you using your account “with proper proof” (at-least with a reasonable convincing cause/excuse) you may request a refund on
  • If your purchase was/is done you in your account or using your account there is no refund or no refund will be issued.
  • You have to raise your refund request within 48 hours from the date/time of purchase of our product (“Advertising”).
  • Once you have generated your request within 48 hours as aforesaid, Our team will look into it and will get back to you to confirm it. After confirmation made and the refund is being accepted by us, the refund will be made to you from 7 to 45 days (inasmuch as we are using third party payment gateway and we have to provide refund as per their terms only). If our payment gateway allows us, we may refund you immediately. 
  • Kindly note that refund policy is not “Money Back Guarantee”.
  • If our product is not working (software problem) and you prove the same with us then we will give your money back within 7 to 45 days as the case may be (depends upon the third party payment gateway we are using).

The following is our payment gateway provider refund chargeback (in case of your refund is being accepted by us):

For the prevention of chargebacks, Razorpay only does source refunds. It means that money is refunded to the payment method that the customer used to make the payment. For example, if a credit card was used to make the payment, the refund is pushed to the same credit card. Similarly, in the case of UPI payments, the refund is pushed to the VPA used while making the payment.

If a chargeback is received for an instantly refunded payment, the processed refund will have a UTR (Unique Transfer Reference) in the callback. This UTR appears against the ARN (Application Reference Number) parameter in the Refund entity. The UTR serves as a proof of refund completed between you and Razorpay.

Additionally, Razorpay passes the RRN (Razorpay Reference Number) of the payment in the Fund Transfer Request sent for the refund. This ties the instant refund back to the parent payment, thereby, serving as a proof of the refund. This data can also be used as a defense against a future chargeback or arbitration case. Also see



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